Airbus Defence & Space Test

Airbus Defence & Space Test The DC56 has been certified as official equipment for the Eurofighter in 2007.

Time flies. For seven years the Airbus Defence & Space Test pilots in Manching trust in their DAMASKO DC56. Those have been tested and qualified in the setting of an official Eurofighter test procedure. You get an impression of the test operation, if you look at the “more harmless” test standards of the common accessible MIL-Std-810. Accelerations up to 9G, strong temperature fluctuations from icy -40° degree to +54° degree and fast changing cabin pressure. These are normal conditions for the pilots and their watches in the daily routine in the cockpit of one of the world´s most efficient combat aircrafts.

In this time period there were no functional disturbances, which could have been caused by the flight. Furthermore the watches were tested under conditions only occurring in emergency situations.  Abrupt temperature decrease and simultaneous strong pressure decrease in up to 12,000m flying altitude are normal conditions just like short-term load until 12G, which can happen in an unlikely matter of an exit with the ejection seat. That is the reason why the watches were successfully tested and released after it.

Also for the DAMASKO team it is always exciting to see our products “in their natural surrounding”, for example at a factory visit in Manching in spring 2014.

But good things can still get better.

Therefore all DC56 chronographs of the Airbus Space & Defence pilots of Manching are being upgraded with the new developed EPS-Spring and the DAMASKO rotor with ceramic bearing.

We look forward to the next years!